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You will find plenty of problems:
I can’t stop getting Ubers
, my completely new 26″ hair extensions are generally twisted and matted from crude intercourse, and that I’m dizzy 24/7 from refusing to dinner prep and surviving on Luna Bars. But perhaps my *biggest* issue, the one which has me probably the most shook, would be that You will find a crush on my ex-girlfriend’s girl.

I’m sure, I’m sure, it really is like biggest violation of
girl code,


. But it’s a v usual lesbian issue!

Charlie* met Gigi* on Tinder, once we sat hand and hand swiping with each other, a many queer best friend traditions. Charlie ended up being as well stressed to send 1st information, thus when I slugged my personal vodka soda right back, we got her phone and messaged Gigi. « You look cool. Want to get products? »

24 hours later, Charlie labeled as me personally at 4 am after their own first big date. She was at the top of dialogue and costly wine. She had it wrong straight away.

When I met Charlie, we realized exactly why.
I became at Stonewall with GO executive editor Zara Barrie and her fiancee Meghan
. We had been approximately 6 products deep, and shouting YASSSS at every person and every thing. Then I spotted this lady.

She is those types of magnetically hot lesbians that


is actually immune to. Like, you do not need become queer to want to f*ck this girl (it has already been verified by my directly roomie).

Gigi ended up being wearing a fabric bodysuit and thigh high shoes. This lady has a disheveled platinum-blond pixie cut and an impossibly shaped face. She has male electricity it is femininely stunning. She becomes anybody around her a drink.

« This is Gigi!!!!!!! » Charlie slurred, hanging on to each of us.

« let us do shots! » Gigi said, laughing. I happened to be therefore intoxicated by how hot they were together We completely forgot I was clutching a collection of free of charge beverage seats. We slugged straight back the tequila, experiencing it warm my esophagus and had among those inebriated « i really like my pal so f*cking much » times. Charlie appeared so honestly pleased, therefore comfy. Though I unquestionably found the woman girl hot AF, i came across my buddy’s happy electricity more significant. But, Gigi’s sternum tat would peek on between her cleavage, or she’d efficiently move her hips, or she’d touch my personal neck, or glance at me personally together smoldering blue-eyes and I also’d have the pussy flutters.

We sought out again one other night (
, holla) and seeing Gigi and Charlie kiss made me imagine,

ugh, i would like that.

Despite the fact that I do get it? I was with a lady I’m internet dating so we happened to be just like all over both as Charlie and Gigi, or even more. I happened to be wearing corset leggings, making it extremely convenient in order to get ~naughty~ on the dance floor, once you learn what I mean. But actually Ryan*, your ex I’m watching ended up being like, « wow your partner and her girl are really hot. » These are generally one among those hot ass swag lesbian couples that everybody are unable to help but be shook by.

Can it be socially appropriate for me to feel attracted to my ex-girlfriend’s sweetheart? No. Would it be against friend rule? Yes. Could it be completely normal, though? Yes. Humans are messy, and often our very own feelings tend to be sloppy. The things I believe for her is similar fleeting destination i’m towards every hot lesbian we come across — the destination that reminds me personally that i am human being, the destination that reminds me personally I am the gayest person actually. The appeal that reminds me personally even though
some one is off limits
, or since you’re internet dating somebody, doesn’t mean that basic peoples reactions to hot men and women go-away.

What I do is actually go through the circumstance seriously. Admit it: i do believe my personal ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend is actually hot, large f*cking package — so does everyone. Thus I are unable to write out together (one, i’d never ever accomplish that as well as 2, this woman is sickly in love with my pal). And today i could think of it in this way: I am thus happy to have a queer best friend (albeit my personal ex-girlfriend, #lesbianproblems) and an additional swaggy hot lez to your queer lady group. I am delighted for her because she actually is stunning inside and out, and deserves a hot big ass girlfriend. It’s remarkable just how advanced you can easily be any time you just allow you to ultimately admit just how petty and immature you often at first feel.

Becoming buddies along with other queer females, within the queerest locations on earth, this lez-overlap is likely to occur.  Sets of hot lesbians are going to go out, destinations are going to be sensed. One should be prepared to preserve their unique concerns when this happens. Normally, a friendship is a lot more crucial than a fleeting attraction. My ex-girlfriend’s sweetheart is hot, her after that girl would be, my next sweetheart are going to be, my personal ex-girlfriend’s then girl will likely be. It’s the lesbian circle of existence.