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Sales Consult is a consultancy, coaching, hiring and outsourcing firm that specialises in sales. Since Sales Consult was founded, we’ve helped more than 600 companies attract, keep and boost their client base, and generated over 19 million euros in revenues.

+20% in revenue

Selling more with less effort

+100% performance

Boost your sales team


Selling more
with less effort

Our sales techniques are based on the principle that selling is a mathematical process that is managed, and is not a matter of economic environment, luck or chance under any circumstances! On this basis, we have introduced a set of tools aimed at shortening your sales cycle, by reducing the roadblocks that slow down your business in a constructive and measurable way.

Sales Consult

Sales Consult!

Regardless of whether you are a small, medium-sized or large company, choose Sales Consult!

Sales Consult provides you with a high-quality service that is close to you and your requirements.


Four guidelines for attracting, keeping
and boosting your client base

From reviewing to coaching your staff, including outsourcing or the hiring of new employees… We take charge of part or all of your sales process, depending on your requirements.

We are offering you a method that is 100% successful. The goal? To increase your revenues by over 20%.

We hire the salesperson or sales manager that you need.

We will boost your sales team’s performance, thanks to a series of practical tools and exercises.

We undertake to achieve the determined results, by integrating quickly in your organisation.

Training for salespeople by professional salespeople.

Didier Lorent – Holcim

Awareness of sales as a ‘science’.

Nadia Khamlichi – U Media

Our clients

Our results
speak for themselves

To find out more about the quality of our services, view the comments from companies who already entrust their business to us and have boosted their commercial impact thanks to our input.

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