About us

Who are we? 

Sales Consult is a consultancy, coaching, hiring and outsourcing firm that specialises in sales. Since Sales Consult was founded, we’ve helped more than 600 companies attract, keep and boost their client base, and generated over 19 million euros in revenues.


Selling more
with less effort

Our sales techniques are based on the principle that selling is a mathematical process that is managed, and is not a matter of economic environment, luck or chance under any circumstances! On this basis, we have introduced a set of tools aimed at shortening your sales cycle, by reducing the roadblocks that slow down your business in a constructive and measurable way.

On a practical basis, you define your goals and we show you the quickest way to achieve them. No more working on intuition! Your teams apply their energy in the right place, and with more certainty.

The result? A 22% increase in performance with your current sales team; this is the return that we are suggesting you to achieve, thanks to the implementation of an action plan that works on your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)… And this is just one example. With Sales Consult, you increase your sales with less effort, more satisfaction, and a more effective approach…

Sales Consult

Our values

Thanks to our hands-on and innovative approach, we enable our clients to be more effective and to make rapid changes to their sales performance.

The will to progress, to increase your revenues and to develop your and/or our employees, while respecting their personality.

A real desire to achieve more impressive results, to do business as a team, to pay attention to personal contacts on an ongoing basis, to explain our actions, and especially to keep our promises.

A desire to innovate, to renew ourselves in a diverse way, to change thanks to opportunities, to act and to grow your Return on Innovation (ROI).

Passionate about energy. Passionate about selling, as an art and a science. Passionate about our employees, our organisation and our clients. Passionate about exceeding ourselves…

Sales Consult

Sales Consult!

Regardless of whether you are a small, medium-sized or large company, choose Sales Consult!

Sales Consult provides you with a high-quality service that is close to you and your requirements.


« Boost Your Sales »:
more than a promise,
a commitment

At Sales Consult, we make ensuring the excellence of our teams and tools a point of honour.

Our employees are all experienced and results-oriented sales professionals. They are passionate about their business and consider innovation and continuous change as an opportunity.

In addition, our selection tools and our approach, which is unique in the marketplace (Outsourcing boosters®), enable us to develop our team’s skills on an ongoing basis.

Method, process, diversity of sales channels… If our expertise and multi-sector experience are widely recognised in the market today, it is because the solutions that we provide are neither conventional, nor theoretical. Our strength? Offering you a perfect balance between review and practice, by involving ourselves directly in the implementation of our recommendations.